Co-Eric Riley Explains Why MSU

After initially committing to Mississippi State, Mississippi Gulf Coast CC wide receiver Co-Eric Riley started having second thoughts about the commitment. After officially visiting Oklahoma State a couple of weekends ago, his commitment seemed to be very much in doubt. Today, Co-Eric made his final decision by choosing Mississippi State. He explains why.

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"I'm going to sign with Mississippi State," said Co-Eric, "and go up there and play and represent my home state. And play under a fantastic coach and have another chance to play with (former juco teammate) Tony Burks."

This wasn't an easy decision because his second choice, Oklahoma State, made a great impression on him.

"I seriously considered Oklahoma State. It was hard to choose because they are two good schools," said Co-Eric. "They have a real good coaching staff and I fell in love with the campus down there, but I want to stay in the state and represent my state."

The family factor and playing with his former teammate were also huge factors, probably moreso than playing for his homestate.

"The main thing was I am staying in-state and close to home so my family can come see me. And have another chance to play with Tony Burks. That is big," said Co-Eric.

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