The "Killer" is all Inked Up

Like all prospects who signed a national letter of intent last Wednesday, Zach Smith knows that he did not make it to the signing table alone. Smith is aware that his signing is a reflection of hard work and dedication and not just his own.

Zach Smith Profile

Shortly after labeling Zach Smith a "bona fide killer" at his signing day press conference, Mississippi State Head Coach Sylvester Croom was questioned about why more schools were not recruiting Zach.

With a grin a mile wide, Croom chuckled, "I don't know and I don't care. We got him!"

Sly seemed down right giddy when talking about Smith. He had that look that made you think he knew something other folks did not.

The road to Starkville for Smith is paved with some historic accomplishments. While Zach is proud of his high school career, signing day brought the next step in his evolution as a football player.

"Signing day is a special day every where." said Zach. "Being from such a small school it was special to a lot of people. If I had never moved from Hoover, I would have been sitting at that table with eight or nine guys. The fact that I went to a smaller school probably made it a little more special to the people at our school and in our town."

While Hoover is synonymous with Championships in the state of Alabama, Susan Moore saw it's resurgence during Zach's career. Smith is not one to buy into the belief that you have to play for a name program.

"I don't think you have to go to huge school to get noticed," said Zach. "I think you can put your own school on the map if you work hard enough."

Surrounded by friends and family, Zach put pen to paper and officially became a Mississippi State Bulldog. For Zach it was the celebration of a collective accomplishment.

"I told all of my teammates and all of the seniors at my reception that me going to Mississippi State is like all of them going with me," explained Smith. "It's a tribute to them because without those guys I wouldn't be where I am."

Zach has been invited to play in the Alabama/Mississippi All-Star game, but is unsure if he will be able to participate.

"My coach got a call about it, but I think my brother's wedding is going to be on the day of the game," said Zach. "I am not going to miss my brother's wedding for anything."

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