Third Time Was the Charm

There were a few twist and turns for LaMarcus Williams on the way to signing day. He initially committed to Alabama, then committed to Ole Miss after a coaching change in Tuscaloosa and eventually signed with Mississippi State. Now that the dust has settled, the big defensive tackle talks about his journey.

LaMarcus Williams Profile

The recruiting process gave the Bastrop, Louisiana native more than a few fond memories.

"For the most part, the process was real good," said Williams. "I enjoyed myself a lot. I got to meet a lot of people and that was one of my main goals. I got to check out a lot of schools and see a lot of different places. I was able to find a school where I really fit in the best. It was a lot of fun, but it does start to wear on you after a while. College coaches are always calling or text messaging or showing up in your home town. It got kind of crazy, but for the most part it was good."

Three SEC Western Division schools all claimed LaMarcus at one time on their commitment list. With the shake up at Alabama, Lamarcus went looking for greener pastures. The decision to part ways with the Tide appeared to be an easy one for the talented defensive tackle, but appearances can be deceiving.

"I would say that it was easier to go from Ole Miss to Mississippi State for the simple fact that Sylvester Croom was real up front with me," said LaMarcus. "He let me know from the beginning how things were going to be and what enviornment I was going to be playing in. I just felt at home with the coaches and the players there. It was the right place for me."

LaMarcus did not get the chance to officially visit Mississippi State with a large group of prospects. It would be easy to see how that may have been a problem, but Williams reports he found the solo voyage to his liking.

"I got to explore more," said Williams. "We didn't have to worry about waiting on this person or that person. We were able to just get after everything full steam. It was easier for us to knock out everyting we were trying to see and trying to do. It was easier to organize because we didn't have to work around a whole group of people."

Williams enjoyed getting to know the lay of the land in Starkville.

"It is a very nice campus," said LaMarcus. "It's big and there are a lot of nice people there. They have a lot of new buildings and they are starting to build even more. I liked it a lot."

Williams is the product of one of the top programs in the state of Louisiana. In 2006, Bastrop won the 4A State title 28-14 over Shaw High School. LaMarcus reports there are several advantages that come from playing with a top prep program.

"I think it's good because of the coaches and the work ethic we have," said LaMarcus. "They coach us hard and we play hard. I think the playing level and the intensity we had to play and practice with helped prepare us for the college level."

On signing day, LaMarcus got the chance to play to the crowd and have some fun with the signing day festivities. Williams says he feels most at home when he is making others happy.

"I like to be different," said Williams. "I like to bring a smile to people's faces. I like to brighten other people's day. I am an easy person to get a long with. I just like to bring a little flavor to things."

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