MSU Football Pro Day Pictures-Part 1

Included are pictures from Mississippi State's football pro day which was Wednesday afternoon. MSU seniors and other eligible college players who were given permission to participate in the event were tested by NFL and other pro scouts.

Andrew Powell - broadjump. In the background is former Northwest Miss. CC lineman Walter Thomas who was given permission by Coach Croom to participate in MSU's pro day.

Deljuan Robinson - broadjump. Note former MSU defensive line coach Brick Haley directly beside Deljuan's hand.

Casey Rogers preparing for the broadjump. Note former Bulldog Stephen Arant to the left.

Former NW MS CC lineman Walter Thomas, all 374 pounds of him, prepares for the broadjump.

Anwar Phillips - broadjump. To the right, watching the action, is Brian Anderson.

Brian Anderson concentrating as he prepares for the broadjump. Omarr Conner is to the left, while Quinton Culberson and Russell Cook are on the right.

Omarr Conner deep in thought with Bryson Davis and Quinton Culberson looking on.

Quinton Culberson - broadjump.

Bryson Davis walks up to the broadjump location.

Mike Heard - broadjump.

Russell Cook - broadjump.

David Heard running the 40-yard dash.

Omarr Conner crossing the finish line. Note former MSU assistant coach Amos Jones in the background directly behind the pro scout with the orange sun visor.

Pro scouts about to time a runner.

Jeramie Johnson running the forty-yard dash.

Antonio Johnson running the 40-yard dash.

Heard and Johnson relaxing in between tests.

Former MSU assistant coach Jim Tompkins and former MSU linebacker Paul Lacoste were in attendance. Lacoste, who owns Next Level Sports ( in the Jackson area, trained Omarr Conner for pro day.

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