Pictures From Saturday's Football Scrimmage

Included are pictures from Saturday's MSU football scrimmage.

In the background De'Mon Glanton puts a crushing block on Ben Shelton as Lance Long returns a punt.

Ben Shelton was ok and walked off the field under his own power.

Michael Henig passing the ball.

Backup QB Zack Harrington tries to get away from LB Jamar Chaney.

WR Aubrey Bell can't quite hang onto the pass.

Jamon Hughes recovers a fumble.

Demario Bobo about to knock Anthony Dixon out of bounds.

Offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey surveying the action.

WR Brandon McRae hauls in a pass with Anthony Summers defending.

No. 19 Anthony Summers, No. 9 Keon Humphries and No. 68 Braxton Stowe tackle Brandon McRae.

Anthony Summers attempts to break up a pass.

No. 20 Jarvis Kyles knocks ball loose from Brandon Hart.

Tay Bowser (in white) knocks the ball loose from Brandon McRae.

QB Josh Riddell.

No. 8 De'Mon Glanton tackles Arnil Stallworth.

DE Titus Brown rushes Zack Harrington.

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