Benock's a Bulldog

Less than 24 hours after departing Starkville, Mississippi, Riley Benock has made the decision to return to the land of Maroon and White for his college basketball career.

Riley Benock Profile

"I hadn't said anything officially yet," chuckled Benock. "But I am going to sign with Mississippi State on Thursday."

Riley explains that his decision to be a Bulldog was an easy one.

"It's in the SEC and you just can't get much better than that," said Riley. "It's an opportunity that you just can't pass up. We have not talked a lot about positions, we just really went over the school side of things when I went there."

Benock has experience playing everywhere from the point guard spot to the small forward position. He is comfortable in any of those roles.

"It doesn't really matter to me where I play," said Riley. "Where ever they need me to play is where I will play. They seem to really like my shooting, so I think they are going to want me to do more of that. With Jamont penetrating and kicking out, I would probably say I would play the two or the three."

Riley got the chance to meet a couple of current Bulldog players when he made his trip to campus on Sunday.

"I got to meet Ben Hansbrough and Billy Begley while I was there," said Riley. "It was a Sunday night when I was there and there were some other things going on. There was some festival going on, so I didn't get to meet everybody. If all of the guys are like the two I met, I won't have any problems getting along with any of them."

Bily Begley and Ben Hansbrough had some words of wisdom for the newest Bulldog-to-be.

"Both of them told me that they loved it there," said Riley. "I got to talk to Ben for a good while. He told me it took him a while to get used to everything there, like any freshman. He says that he has really just found a knack for things there. He says he has no complaints about it whatsoever."

Riley is expecting to relocate to Starkville some time mid summer.

"I have a tryout for the Kentucky-Indiana All-Star team and that takes all of June," said Riley. "I am not sure of the exact date, but I think I am moving down there in early July. I should be able to make it in for a little summer school."

The Benock family is a very tight knit group and Riley reports that his decision was one his entire family supported.

"My family went with me on my trip and I liked having them there," said Benock. "They will think of questions that I may not think of. I always want them to be involved in my decisions. We all felt the same way about Mississippi State. Everything just amazes you. The campus is just so nice and it's just hard to explain. It's just a great place!"

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