New Account Login Policy

As part of a series of ongoing security improvements, Scout is modifying its membership login policy. Currently, members remain logged into their account until they explicitly logout. On Tuesday, April 17, Scout will begin the process of regularly expiring membership logins and prompting members to re-login.

Over the following two weeks, all membership logins will expire and all members will be prompted to re-login. Thereafter, logins will expire periodically and the members prompted to re-login.

Expiration of logins is a common website security feature.

This change brings increased security to your account and reduces the possibility of unauthorized usage of your account. An example of unauthorized usage is when you log into your account via a computer at someone's home or when you are on the road at a hotel and log into your account at a hotel's computer and forget to log out. This new feature will automatically log out of your account after a certain length of time, hence keeping the next person who uses the computer from being able to access your account.

If you have forgotten your login password, please try out the 'Forgot your Password?' feature below:

If you have any problems with the password code that you receive, please give our customer service department a call at their toll free number, 888-501-5752, and they'll be happy to help you.

Or you can go to for more help.

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