Riley Makes It Official

Meade County High School's Riley Benock made his decision to be a Mississippi State Bulldog official earlier today at a small signing ceremony at his high school.

Riley Benock Profile

"I signed today at 3:30," said Riley. "We had a little get together with my coaches, some people from the community we invited and my friends from school."

Riley reports that his signing today with the reigning SEC Western Division champions is the culmination of a dream.

"It's an incredible feeling," remarked Benock. "I just can't describe it. If you're a competitor you always think about playing at the highest level that you can. This is just a great start to that for me. It's just an amazing feeling."

Growing up in the basketball crazed Bluegrass state, Riley always aspired to be a college basketball player. Mississippi State turned out to be a good compromise for the Benock family, whose allegiances are split between instate rivals Louisville and Kentucky.

"My dad is a big Kentucky fan and we've all been big UL fans, so it's been interesting. Dad being a Kentucky fan and my mom being a UL fan, it gets kind of rough around here," chuckled Benock. "I hope being a Bulldog is something everyone can agree on."

Before Riley became a Bulldog, he already had some strong feelings about a lane violation call and the outcome of a recent SEC tournament game between his Dad's Wildcats and his soon to be teammates from Mississippi State.

"My dad and I talked about that a little bit when we were down there with Coach Stansbury," said Riley. "My dad didn't have too much to say about it then. I may have to bring that up again. I thought it was a lane violation then and I know it was one now."

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