Gordon Removes Name From NBA Pool

He'd thrown his name into the NBA hat without telling anybody. But once he got a professional opinion about his professional outlook, Jamont Gordon not only pulled the name out...he was willing to talk about it.

Gordon confirmed to Dawgs' Bite this evening that he is withdrawing from early-entry consideration for the NBA draft. Gordon, reached by phone in Starkville, said that he actually applied for early-entry last week.

"I can't remember what day," Gordon said. "But I sent a letter to the NBA last week." Word that he had filed for early entry didn't come out until late Thursday, but could not be confirmed until Friday...by the man himself.

And practically as soon as the story got out it changed. "I'm pulling my name out," Gordon said. "I got an evaluation back that said I would probably be a late second-round pick at best. So I'm coming back to State."

Gordon could have left his name in as long as another month, with the NBA allowing underclassmen to withdraw as late as June 18. Had he stayed in after that, he would have been taking the change of being drafted and thus unable to return to college regardless of round taken. Only undrafted players who stay in that long can return.

Gordon stressed he did not work out for anyone, that the evaluation was strictly done by an expert--not identified--and sent back to him. Without assurance of a reasonably high pick, the junior-to-be took the safest path. He said he had not talked to Coach Rick Stansbury about withdrawing yet.

Stansbury was on a recruiting trip Friday.

Gordon led the Bulldogs in scoring, rebounding, and assists this season and was named first-team All-SEC, the only underclassman on the Coaches First-Team.

This leaves senior-to-be Charles Rhodes still in the early-entry pool, having submitted his name last Friday. Rhodes is also still in Starkville as he and the other Bulldogs began final spring exams today.

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