Hopson Talks AAU Ball and Commitment

Kentucky basketball all-star Scotty Hopson and the Mid-State Ballerz are off to a good start in their AAU season. This summer will be Hopson's last go around on the summer circuit, so he is making it count.

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"We're doing alright, but we have some areas we need to improve in like always," said Hopson. "I think we could execute better on offense and improve our overall team defense. We just need to keep playing hard and we will continue to be successful."

Hopson has some very lofty goals for his team this summer.

"We can go far and do some big things," said Scotty. "We are really a new team. A lot of our players are just joining our team this year, so we are still learning each other. We don't have all of our players with us right now, but when we get our full roster I think we can win some big tournaments."

Being one of the more experienced players, Scotty has seen his role change a good bit this season. He is working to lead by example this go around.

"Lately I have been working to be more of a leader on the court and working on my outside jumper," said Scotty. "I am always working to get better and those are two areas where I felt I needed to step up."

The Ballerz have an important tournament coming up this weekend, but in tournament ball every weekend is important.

"We have sub-state coming up this week and after that I am not sure," said Hopson. "I don't keep up with the schedule too far in advance. I am ready to play whenever we step on the floor."

Throughout his travels, a couple of other teams have caught the five star forward's eye.

"There are some good teams out there," said Hopson. "The Atlanta Celtics and Southeast Elite are some of the better teams. They really stand out. They bring some of the best competition."

While Scotty is looking to blend with teammates new and old this summer, he is also looking ahead to his time in Starkville, Mississippi as a member of the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

"Whenever we have time to chat we always do," said Hopson of his relationship with the Bulldog staff. "Things are going just fine with Mississippi State. I am still solid in my commitment. Things have calmed down a good bit for me lately."

A pair of former Mid-State Ballerz, Reginald and Richard Delk, elected to leave the MSU program in the past few weeks. Scotty reports that the Delks' departure has had little to no effect on his feelings about joining the Bulldog basketball program.

"They have to focus on their situation," said Scotty. "I am focused on my situation and it hasn't changed. They have to do what they feel is best for them and I have to do what is best for me."

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