Bailey Picks Up SEC Offer

A few weeks ago Charles Bailey felt his first offer was on it's way. Bailey's gut feeling was dead on. He got his first offer and it turned out to be from a school he was really interested in. So what's Charles feeling now?

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"I got my first offer from Mississippi State," said Bailey. "I got it about two weeks ago. Coach Croom called my himself and he told me that they were offering me a scholarship."

The call from Mississippi State was one that Charles had been waiting on. He liked what the Bulldogs' head coach had to say.

"He told me that he really wanted to bring me in," said Bailey. "He told me I have the chance to go in and play as a freshman. He said that I am a smart player and that I could play all three receiver positions in their offense."

Charles reports that his father, Charles Sr., is a huge football fan. The elder Charles got the chance to speak with Coach Sylvester Croom about the Bulldogs' offer.

"My dad got to talk to Coach Croom too," said Charles. "He told my dad that he really liked my route running and that I know how to catch the football. My parents were real excited about it. My father wants me to be prepared for college, so he is working with my now to get me ready to play in the SEC, which is the best conference in the NCAA."

Bailey has been high on Mississippi State for some time and he really likes the Bulldog offense.

"I really like how they throw the football," said Charles. "They like to spread the field and they aren't scared to throw out across the middle and let you make a play yourself."

Charles reports that he and the Bulldogs have mutual interest in each other, but he is not in a big hurry to end their courtship.

"They are not really pressuring me to commit," said Charles. "They told me to look around and to not be in a rush. I am probably going to take my time before I make a decision. I want to be sure when I make my commitment. I am not going to be one of those guys that goes back and forth about things."

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