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About six weeks ago Bo Walters made his decision to commit to Mississippi State. Since Bo announced his commitment, other schools have contacted him to discuss the possibilities of the talented linebacker changing his stripes.

Bo Walters Profile

Bo Walters and Briarwood are putting the finishing touches on their spring practice sessions.

"We finished up our second week of spring practice last week with a scrimmage," said Bo. "We have a game this friday. We are doing good. We are going to be pretty solid on defense."

Bo feels he is having the best spring of his high school career. He is working to be bigger, faster and stronger.

"I am having a good spring so far," reports Walters. "We tested at the beginning of spring training. I was timed electronically at a 4.46 40, so I was really happy with that. My vertical went from a 31 to a 36 and my benchpress is now up to 370."

Walters is already beginning to see dividends from his off season workout regiment. He is hopeful that his work in the weight room will help propel him to new heights.

"I can tell my speed has picked up a little bit and that has helped me in my ability to cover," said Walters. "I want to make All-State this year. Coach Yancey called me in his office and sat me down a few days ago. He told me that I have the chance to be the best linebacker that has ever come through Briarwood and that encouraged me a lot. We have had some good ones come through here, so it meant a lot to me for him to say that."

When Bo first joined the Briarwood program, he was trying to avoid linebackers rather than become one.

"I started out as a quarterback and then I got moved to tailback," said Bo. "This will be my first year playing middle linebacker. I played outside linebacker last year. It's kind of funny how it all worked out. It has always been my dream to play SEC football. I didn't think with my height I would have a chance to be a quarterback in the SEC, so it wasn't a big deal for me to move to tailback."

Another position change was in store for Bo and he made the move willingly.

"Coach wanted me to move to linebacker after my body began to develop and I got stronger," explained Bo. "My dad and I talked about it and we felt that I would have a better chance of making it to the SEC if I made the move to linebacker."

The move appears to have been the right decision for all parties involved. Bo's SEC dreams are now becoming a reality.

"It still hasn't sunk in," said Walters. "It's a dream come true for me. Coach Harbison came by and watched me practice the other day and it still doesn't seem real."

Despite his committed status, other college recruiters have checked in with Bo to test the waters.

"UAB called me and talked to me," said Bo. "I told them that I was 100% Mississippi State Bulldog. UAB and Tulane told me that if anything went wrong or something didn't work out that they both have a spot for me. Louisiana Tech and a few other schools have been in touch with me."

The talented linebacker reports that he keeps the lines of communication open with his future team. Bo says he speaks with his recruiting coach, Charlie Harbison, rather frequently.

"Last week I think I called Coach Harbison four times," said Bo. "I talk to Coach Cheese three or four times a week. He is a great guy and I can't wait to get down there. We have a great relationship and that will only get better once I get on campus. We have become pretty close. He told me that they call him Coach Cheese because he is always smiling. I know every time I have seen him was smiling."

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