Hurst Gets a Closer Look

Tight ends' coach Reed Stringer of Mississippi State got his man when Midwest Top 100 member Nelson Hurst committed to the Bulldogs a few weeks back. Hurst got the chance to work out with his position coach to be the past weekend at Mississippi State's summer camp.

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Nelson and his family made the 11 hour trek from Indiana to Starkville this past weekend for the first of two Bulldog summer football camps.

"I went down there and played and I got to see what Coach Stringer was like coaching," said Hurst. "I had a real good time. Coach Stringer is a lot of fun. He was exactly how I thought he would be, but I am sure he has a mean streak that I will see when I am on the team."

By virtue of working with his future position coach, Hurst had the chance to get a taste of what lies ahead.

"I got to see some of the routes that we will be running when I get there," said Nelson. "I got to the chance to see how they do things there."

Despite having nothing to gain as far as interest from the Bulldogs, Nelson was a full particpant in the camp.

"In the morning we did testing and then we did some one-on-ones and ran some 7-on-7s at the end," said Nelson. "It was all a lot of fun."

The repeat visit to Starkville appears to have solidified Nelson's commitment even further.

"My commitment has been solid all along, but we had a good time so that was a positive," said Nelson. "Northern Illinois and Illinois have offered recently. I have had a few coaches call me, but I tell them that I have made my decision and that I have no intention of changing it."

During Nelson's camping trip he got the chance to beging bonding with one of his future teammates.

"I got to meet Bo Walters," explained Nelson. "His family and my family got to meet and talk. He is really cool, so it's going to be fun going to school with him."

Speaking of school, Nelson is doing the legwork now to allow for a midterm enrollment after his fall semester of high school.

"I am taking my second semester english over the summer now," said Hurst. "I am in an honors program, so I am only going to have to take three or four classes in the fall. I should be good to be there for the spring."

There are a certain amount of sacrifices that go along with graduating high school early, but Nelson has weighed them and is ready to move ahead and begin his college football career.

"I live for football and I think this is the next step for me," said Nelson. "I think being there early is the best thing for me, so that is what I feel I need to do to move ahead in my development."

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