Walters Drops By MSU Camp

When Bo Walters committed to Mississippi State, the Bulldogs' offer was the only one he had. Since his commitment, Walters has added a quartet of new offers. Despite the increase in attention from other programs, it appears the first offer Bo picked up was the only one he needed.

Bo Walters Profile

Bo and his family dropped in on the Bulldog football camp this past weekend.

"We had a blast over there this weekend," said Bo. "My family went with me. This was the first time that my whole family got to meet every single one of the coaches. We got to meet some of the players and see all of the facilities. I got to hang out with Coach Johnson all day on Sunday. I got to know him better, so that was good."

Bo also got the chance to meet another of his fellow Bulldog commitments.

"I got to meet Nelson Hurst and we hung out a good bit on Sunday," said Bo. "He is an awesome guy. Our families met and we got to know each other for a while. He is huge. He made some unbelievable catches out there. One time the Quarterback underthrew him and he one handed it. I saw him catch one behind his back. For a guy his size, he has great agility."

While Hurst was catching some footballs, Bo plans on teaching his future teammate about reeling some other catches in once they both get to Starkville.

"I told him that if he was going to come down here to Mississippi he was going to have to learn to hunt and fish," chuckled Walters. "He told me I was going to have to teach him because he didn't do much of that in Indiana."

As Bo worked the crowd at the Bulldog camp he bumped into a familiar face.

"I talked with Tae Keith a good bit too. He plays in our conference, so I kind of already knew him," said Walters. "He is a great ball player. My Mom knows his granddad, so I know he is a great kid. I am not sure if he is going to play wide receiver or safety. He is real physical and I like that about him. He has great hands and he really comes off the ball really well."

Walters is known as an excellent student and his family was happy to hear about the Bulldogs' commitment to academic excellence.

"My dad got to spend a lot of time with Coach Croom at the camp," said Bo. "Coach Croom told my dad that he would rather have a kid that could make his grades and play football rather than some kid who had all the talent in the world that couldn't pass the classes. I know he is really keying on players that can pass and play."

The past few weeks Bo has seen his offer list grow from three to five collegiate tenders.

"I have offers from State, UAB, Tulane, La Tech and my last one was from Southern Miss," said Bo. "I got the one from Southern Miss last Friday. I am still solid with MSU though. All of the coaches have tried to pull me and persuade me, but I have told them all that I am 100% Bulldog."

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