Pics From the Clemson at MSU SR Game - Part 2

Included are pictures from Friday's Clemson at Mississippi State Super Regional game - Part 2.

MSU starting pitcher Chad Crosswhite.

Brian LaNinfa about to get a base hit.

Connor Powers hits a two-run home run, knocking in LaNinfa to tie the game 2-2.

LaNinfa lets his emotions take over as he runs the bases after Powers hits his homer.

Mitch Moreland about to hit a two-run home run.

Moreland hits a double later in the game that knocked in Rea and gave the Bulldogs a 7-5 lead.

Ed Easley about to catch a popup.

Closer Aaron Weatherford comes in from the bullpen to save the game for John Lalor.

Weatherford firing 92-93 miles per hour heat to Clemson's hitters.

Jet Butler about to catch the last out of the game.

Butler makes the catch while falling over Nick Hardy.

Butler falls to the ground with the ball snugly in his glove while Russ Sneed and Nick Hardy tumble to the ground along with him.

Sneed and the crowd goes wild after the catch.

Who says these guys don't play with emotion? Don't ask Sneed that question.

Chad Crosswhite offers congrats to Aaron Weatherford.

While seniors Jeffrey Rea and Brian LaNinfa give each other five.

Brian LaNinfa's face says all you need to know about the victory.

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