MSU Security Plan for the Auburn Game

STARKVILLE, Miss. ­ The Mississippi State University department of athletics will use the same security measures as the ones implemented one year ago.<P> In order to provide the spectators with a safe atmosphere to enjoy the game, law enforcement officials have indicated that no backpacks or large bags will be permitted into the stadium. Purses will be subject to search prior to entry.

Spectators who leave Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field during the course of the game must purchase another ticket to re-enter the stadium. There will be no pass out stubs issued for any situation.

From a traffic flow standpoint, B.S. Hood Road, immediately west of the stadium, will be closed six hours before game time each week during the season. Other roads surrounding the stadium may be temporarily closed to facilitate team travel. The MSU football team will make its customary walk to the stadium from the corner of Hood Road and Barr Avenue two hours prior to game time.

Specific traffic flow and parking lots may be seen by visiting the MSU Athletics web site, Vehicles parked in priority reserved spaces without a parking pass displayed in the window will be removed from the lot.

MSU fans are asked to arrive early for the game due to the gate entrance restrictions. Cowbells will be denied entry using the same procedures as the university has employed in the past at tonight's Southeastern Conference opener with Auburn.

The SEC recently passed legislation providing penalties to the artificial noisemaker rule. Enforcement of the ruling will be at the discretion of the game officials. The SEC rule provides for a public warning to the crowd on the first offense, a 5-yard penalty on the second offense, and a 15-yard penalty on the third and any subsequent offenses.

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