Pics From the Clemson at MSU SR Game - Part 3

Included are post-game pictures from Saturday's Clemson at MSU Super Regional game - Part 3.

Wyn Diggs, his daughter and his niece

Jet Butler was a popular guy after the game

Brandon Turner, Jesse Carver, Ricky Bowen, Aaron Weatherford

Aaron Weatherford and his family

Omaha bound

Excited fans in the left field lounge

More left field lounge fans

Will Prosser and friends

Clemson got the Boot when they made an error

Right field fans enjoying the moment

More right field fans

The scoreboard up close and personal

My optometrist, David Curtis (right), and friends

Another scoreboard view

More right field fans enjoying the special moment

More happy fans

He told me he no longer hates them since MSU won

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