Things Calming for Alford

John Paul Alford committed to Mississippi State a few weeks ago. Due to what appears to be the finality of his decision, most schools have begun to back off of the talented offensive lineman.

John Paul Alford Profile

"Things are going good," said John Paul. "I have been working out a good bit. I haven't been talking to any coaches lately. Not much is going on. I haven't really head from anybody since I committed. I think everyone has realized that State was were I was going and that I wasn't looking to go anywhere else."

The projected center prospect reports that he is up to 6-3, 279 pounds. He looks forward to putting his new found size on display for the Mississippi State coaches later this summer.

"I talk to Coach Stringer three or four times a week," said Alford. "He will text me and we just chat back and forth. He is pretty excited about me coming to camp up there in July."

The Bulldogs camp, as it turns out, will not be Alford's first camp this summer.

"I went to Ole Miss the other day," said John Paul. "I did 7-on-7. Coach Perry wanted me to snap for them. We did good. We went 5-1."

The Whippets have another 7-on-7 engagement this weekend, but they may have to have someone else handle the snaps.

"We are supposed to go to Harding College this weekend for a 7-on-7 tournament," said Alford. "I may not end up going because I may be going to Omaha to watch State play. My mom was looking for plane tickets today."

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