Senior Brian LaNinfa Enjoys The Moment

Brian LaNinfa is a fifth-year senior for Mississippi State. While he's had special moments during his career at Mississippi State, nothing compares to the two-game Super Regional that occurred at Mississippi State this past weekend, from beginning to end.

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"I wanted us to host a Super Regional for Coach Polk and for my team," said Brian, who has become one of the emotional leaders on the team.

And what a team it was. Picked dead last in the SEC coming into the season, the prognosticators didn't see the heart of this team, but Brian did.

"It's a special team because of the great team chemistry. Everybody believes in one another," said Brian. "We had (true freshman) Jet Butler and (redshirt freshman) Russ Sneed coming off the bench and being a big part of why we are going to the College World Series. Some people are sitting (on the bench) that weren't sitting three or four weeks ago, but they are still just as high in spirits. That's what makes a great ballclub."

And this team, at the end of the season, received the reward they so justly deserved, hosting a Super Regional. And it was a sight to behold from the very beginning.

"It was unreal coming out and seeing the fans out there at 7 am lined up. It was just an awesome experience," said Brian.

Once the Super Regional was over and the Bulldogs earned their way into the College World Series, it was time for the players to give their fans their just deserts - a big thank you.

The players trotted around the inside of the fence shaking hands with every fans that they could reach once the final out was made.

"Everybody was thanking me, but we were thanking them for being there with us and supporting us through the times we weren't doing so good," explained Brian. "And I was thanking them because this was my last game here."

While Brian will no longer be playing at Dudy Noble Field, the young guys he helped lead this season will. And he gave them a little senior advice.

"I told the young guys to savior the moment, to look around and enjoy everything," said Brian.

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