The Celebration: A Hairy Situation

Mississippi State Saturday starter Justin Pigott had a lot of fun with the post-game celebration, but it did have its hairy moments in more ways than one.

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The Saturday game, at least from the crowd standpoint, started out great as far as Justin was concerned.

"The crowd was stinking awesome. It definitely helped me get through the game, that's for sure," said Justin. "It helped to have that many people behind me and I knew we were going to hit the ball. I just felt good about it even though I didn't have real good stuff."

And the crowd gave him a few chill bumps when he first got on the mound.

"I had some nerves; I was a little nervous," acknowledged Justin. "I just tried to focus on what the heck I was doing because I was a little nervous and didn't know where the ball was going. Man, it was kind of like let me focus the best I can on this and not look at anything else."

And Justin did enough, despite not having his best stuff, to help Mississippi State win the game that is sending them to the College World Series. Then, the celebration started.

"I just knew we were piling up and I knew that was going to hurt a little bit," said of the pile the Bulldog players made right after the game ended. "But it happened and we were all going nuts. Hats were going everywhere. We probably ran as fast as we have before as pitchers. I was right next to John Lalor and I had never seen John run that fast before (laugh). Then, we looked up and there was the pile."

Then the hairy part starts. Hundreds of Bulldog fans jumped the fence and started racing toward the pile.

"People were just jumping the fence, it was incoming," said Justin. "I was thinking I hope they weren't going to jump on the pile, so we tried to get everybody up."

So, instead of a massive pile of players and fans, the players decided to run around the fence and greet the fans.

"As for running around the fence, that was a great feeling," said Justin. "And it was fun leading the pack, too. I had never hit so many hands in my life and they seemed to keep coming. By the time I got to the Dudy Noble sign in center, I was just dead. When I looked back they said keep going, but my arms were numb. My shoulders were numb. Then, we got to the metal bleachers and it was so much fun. All these kids were coming up to you."

As for the hairy part. I'll let Justin talk about that.

"Beer was thrown on us. And then I had two big guys with no shirts on with hairy chests and hairy backs come up to me and give me a big hug ... uggh," said Justin with a slight look of disgust.

Considering the circumstances, I think Justin will forgive the guys for not remembering to put their shirts back on.

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