MSU Fans Gather at Famous Dave's BBQ

The head of the MSU Alumni Association, Jimmy Abraham, talked about the Mississippi State gathering at Famous Dave's BBQ prior to Friday's College World Series game between North Carolina and Mississippi State.

How was the response to the MSU Alumni Association and Bulldog Club College World Series gathering prior to Friday's game?
"After we won the Super Regional on Saturday, we called up here and found this venue. It's in an ideal location directly across from the stadium, so we felt like our people could easily get to it. Although we sent out an email blast and you helped us on Gene's Page, I was a little concerned about how many people we would have. But we must have had 1,200+ people come through.

"It has been absolutely fantastic. Everybody has been so energetic and excited. And this place (the College World Series) has been unbelievable. I can understand why people talk about this place the way they do."

What were some of the comments by the individual fans that attended the gathering?
"From young kids to senior citizens, everybody said they were having a wonderful time. They are walking up and down the street with their maroon and white on. And, as you know, we have an outstanding baseball team that has done so well. And we are so proud of Coach Polk and the baseball team. This has been an unbelievable experience."

What has the success of this baseball team done for the MSU fanbase?
"It has brought everybody together. It brings us closer together as a university family, truly united. There is no question about that. We have an outstanding university that is very strong academically. And so many great things are happening there. And the athletic program is something many people keep up with. So, when we got to the College World Series we knew we were going to have a great crowd. Tickets were hard to come by, but people still came."

How does an athletic event like going to the College World Series not only help the baseball program, but the university itself over the course of the next few years?
"It helps in student recruiting big-time. I was in student recruiting for many years. Friday night we had 1,000's of people in the stands and it was viewed world-wide on ESPN, so people will see Mississippi State University, the M-State logo, the interlocking log. It sends a message to people. People will adopt the unversity just from watching them on tv. It's a wonderful opportunity for this university."

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