Padres Draft Interview: Ross Wilson

The Padres passed in the 36th-round of the MLB Draft but not before taking a flier on Ross Wilson, a shortstop out of Hoover High School from the famed MTV ‘Two-a-Days' show. With a commitment to Alabama, money is the obstacle, and he is open to joining San Diego or going to school based on the outcome of negotiations.

Talk about being picked by the Padres. Did they show interest in you before the draft? And talk about how it feels now to be drafted out of high school.

Ross Wilson: They did show some interest. I had scouts at a couple of my games, and they were watching me play all year. So yeah, I did receive interest from them throughout the year.

With the college offer at the University of Alabama currently on your plate, how does the affect your decision to sign with the Padres or begin a college career?

Ross Wilson: The thing I did, I had a set dollar amount, and I wasn't going to go under. I still feel that that is the best way to do it. If I get it great, if not, I go to Alabama for three years, and try and improve my stock.

In the baseball draft, signability is a key term that comes into play with a high school player. For you is it the set dollar amount that you talked about, and how did that amount come about?

Ross Wilson: My family and I sat down and talked about the plusses of college, and the plusses of going to professional baseball. And with my abilities, and with what I can do, that's when we decided on a set dollar amount that was fair to me, in our opinion.

What have you taken from your illustrious high school football career to better prepare yourself for professional baseball?

Ross Wilson: What you take from (football) is just the competitive aspects, and the discipline to go out there day in and day out at all the football practices. Which is what was good at Hoover, it is something that will help me in college.

Sorry to do it, but I must ask. Did being one of the key figures on MTV's Two-a-Days, put any added pressure on you as a baseball player?

Ross Wilson: It wasn't necessarily pressure, but there were definitely games where I was playing, and people would heckle me, and stuff like that. But that doesn't really get to me. Most players like to hear it, because it will light the fire. That's just really the only thing that I noticed.

Do you think young athletes should be competing at a high level in multiple sports as you did, or do you feel that a young athlete should concentrate on one sport?

Ross Wilson: I think it's a big positive playing two sports. Just because you have to balance both sports, and it keeps you going all year round. Once I get to college, it will give me time to just focus on baseball, when I have been focusing on two, and I think it will help me improve.

Can you talk about your game, at the plate and in the field?

Ross Wilson: At the plate, I'm pretty aggressive, and I don't really like to get cheated too much. Doubles, you know, doubles guy, power guy sometimes, trying to hit for a good average.

What positions did you play in high school, and what do you project to play in the future?

Ross Wilson: I think a lot of people have me at short, or second base. And I played third my freshman year, so just whatever happens.

When dissecting your game, do you feel there is an area you would call a weakness or something in your game that needs a little improvement?

Ross Wilson: I think there is some things in my game that I need to improve on. And I think that at Alabama, the coach there will give me support and the tutelage that I need.

Who do you compare to at the major league level so we can give fans an idea of what your game resembles.

Ross Wilson: I've heard from scouts that say that I was like a Bret Boone, because I'm aggressive but still have some pop. I mean that's who I've been compared to by some scouts.

What is your best baseball moment? What sticks out for you?

Ross Wilson: Playing in the semi-finals my sophomore year. Being close in all the games, that's something were everybody wants to compete, and just get to the highest level.

Who was your favorite team and favorite player growing up?

Ross Wilson: My favorite player is A-Rod. I just like they way he plays. In my opinion, he is the best player in the major leagues. I always watch and keep up with him.

I do like the Yankees, but I like a bunch of different teams. The Braves and teams like that.

Do you have any idea of the Padres farm system? Where do you think you fit in their system?

Ross Wilson: My dad really does all that, and I stay out of it.

If you do start your professional career in baseball, what do you look forward to the most?

Ross Wilson: Just getting the opportunity to go out and play everyday, and then hopefully work my way into the major leagues.

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