Moro to Play on Field of Dreams

Most young men who grow up in the State of Mississippi dream of playing baseball one day at Dudy Noble Field. Some may come through as a player on an opponent's team and others get to call the nation's largest on campus baseball facility home. One young man from Texas got the chance to dream the Mississippi dream and for Texas 5A All-Star catcher Logan Moro that dream has come true.

Logan Moro Profile

Logan has ties to Mississippi State through some family members that live in Eupora, Mississippi. The talented catcher had some other collegiate options, but in his mind Mississippi State was an obvious choice.

"I was talking with TCU and Tulane, but I have always wanted to be a Mississippi State Bulldog," explained Logan. "I have always been down in Mississippi to see family and I have been to a few games there. I just love the atmosphere and the people there. It has always been a dream of mine to play there."

The Diamond Dawgs have a produced a legacy of talented back stops with names like Roark McDonald, Barry Winford, Craig Tatum and now Edward Easley highlighting the list. Moro is humbled to follow such good company.

"There could not be a better honor than to follow a kid like Edward Easley," said Logan. "He is just a great catcher all around. Going to play Mississippi State baseball you know your skills are going to grow and you know expectations are going to be high. I wish he would be there for another year, so I could learn some things from him. Following a guy like him after he won the Johnny Bench award and the other awards is just a great situation."

While the Texas standout has not been fully indoctrinated into the in state fued between Mississippi State and Ole Miss, he has first hand knowledge about two future Rebel baseball playes.

"Two of my buddies just signed with them," said Logan. "It's going to be fun. We have all talked about it. We were talking about the atmosphere of those games and just about how much fun it will be to play against each other."

Logan made the decision to become a Bulldog prior to Mississippi State's run to Omaha, so he had more than a rooting interest.

"That was the coolest thing that I think I have ever seen in the college game," said Logan. "Just watching kids that I knew play in Omaha was great. That's one of my goals right when I get up there. I want us to go back to Omaha and I want to be playing with Mississippi State this time rather than just watching. Watching was amazing, but playing is just a whole nother world."

Moro has had the chance to get to know some of his future teammates and he has had the chance to bond with Bulldog freshman shortstop Jet Butler.

"I know a couple of guys," said Logan. "Jet was the guy I pretty much stayed with when I visited there. He took me around and showed me everything. He is a great guy and we have already talked some."

Moro will get to know the lay of the land first hand in the coming weeks. In the meantime, he is preparing for the physical demands of playing in the Southeastern conference.

"I am supposed to report on the 15th," said Logan. "Right now for the summer I am still playing for the Houston Heat on a college team. I am going to play in a couple of tournaments. It's just a chance to stay sharp and see some better pitching and things like that. I am working out five out of seven days a week right now. I am running a lot and just getting ready to go play at the college level."

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