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Scotty Hopson made his commitment to Mississippi State several months ago. Throughout the process Hopson claims has never waivered. He said he did not think he could be more solid in his commitment and then Romero Osby joined the Bulldog party.

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Scotty and Romero are both veterans of the summer AAU circuit and camp tour, so they have had the chance to get to know each other.

"I met him last year at a camp we went to and we just hit it off there," said Scotty. "We have been friends ever since then."

Scotty considers himself one of Romero's biggest supporters.

"He is real athletic," said Hopson. "He has some quickness to him. He can jump and shoot. He can do whatever he needs to do on the floor."

The talented tandem has had the chance to square off against each other several times. Despite only getting to team up in some pick-up games the two have worked to make each other better.

"We have played against each other some." said Hopson. "I haven't played with him in a while. I pick up on some stuff from him when I see him play and he picks up on some stuff from me when I play."

The talented Hopson has been very vocal about his loyalty to his commitment to Mississippi State. Now that Romero has joined Scotty on the Bulldogs' commitment list things look to be even more concrete.

"It makes me even more solid," said Scotty. "It makes me want to go there even more knowing we have even more talent coming in. We are going be even better."

Unfortunately for Scotty, he has been dogged by questions about his recruitment at every turn since the University of Kentucky made a coaching change. The youngster reports that the comments have caused him some frustration.

"I don't understand why people want to spread rumors if they don't know the exact truth," said Hopson. "I was just having to deal with some of that. This guy said he heard that I had reopened my recruitment and that I was going to Kentucky. I told him once again that I hadn't. I get tired of it."

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