Hamilton HS's Ivora Hall Has Many Options

Hamilton (Memphis) High School's Ivora Hall (6-2, 300, 5.1) is considered one of the top linemen in the state of Tennessee this year.

Are you familiar with Gene's Page?
"Yes, I am."

Well, would you tell our readers a little about yourself, such as your height, weight, position, 40 time and that sort of thing?
"Well, I'm 6-2, and I'm 300 pounds, even. I play offensive guard and defensive tackle."

Which of those positions do you like the most?
"I would say guard. But I like both positions and I'm being recruited for both positions."

Have you been timed in the 40 lately?
"Yes. I ran a 5.1."

How has your team done so far?
"Oh, we're doing OK. We're coming together. We've had our ups and downs."

How have you done so far this year?
"I feel that I am living up to my expectations. I think I've done my best so far."

Do you have any stats on your first few games?
"Last week, I had two and a half sacks and 4 or 5 tackles."

Who is recruiting you so far?
(Laugh) "Well, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Auburn, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Memphis, Duke, Navy, Army, Clemson, Princeton, LSU, Georgia Tech, MSU and a number of others."

Wow. That's quite a list. You must be a player?
"Yes sir, I try." (laugh)

I think you have a buddy that plays at Hamilton too....
"Yes sir. Jeremy Palmoore. Yeah, we are two running mates. He plays tackle and defensive tackle also."

Are you two going to sign somewhere together?
"Uhhhh, I can't say right now."

Of all those schools, do you have a favorite right now?
"No, not really, it's up in the air right now."

So you are just keeping your options open at this point?
"Yes sir."

Well, we just wanted to get some information about you and let our readers know about you. I hope the rest of the year goes well for you.
"Oh, thank you."

Brent Bozeman is a correspondent for Gene's Page. He can be reached by email at bozeman@telepak.net .

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