We Will Never Forget!

It is hard to believe that it has been eleven years since the tragic death of MSU tailback Keffer McGee. August 5th, 1997 is a date that Bulldog fans young and old will never forget. Today we honor the memory of Keffer by republishing Keffer's story in the words of the people who knew him best.

Two summers ago I had the pleasure of learning more about the life of one of Mississippi State's favorite sons, Keffer McGee.

When you get the chance to speak with those who knew Keffer well, it is easy to forget that this tragedy happened over a decade ago. The pain of the tragedy appears to still be very fresh to those whose lives he touched.

I was humbled to hear Nakia Greer break down several times during our coversation as he talked about the loss of his roommate, teammate and friend.

Former Bulldog head coach Jackie Sherill speaks about Keffer in almost a reverent tone. I was very grateful to Coach for taking the time out to speak with me. When I told him why I was calling we talked for over an hour. It is a conversation I will always treasure.

The McGee family was kind enough to grant us permission to do the series on Keffer and for that I will always be eternally thankful. The gratitude the McGees have for the Bulldog family is something we all should be very proud of.

When we lost Keffer, we lost one of us. His life is worthy of our celebration and his passing worthy of our rememberance.

Once again we proudly present the Keffer McGee story.

Part One With Nakia Greer

Part Two With Coach Jackie Sherrill

Part Three with Devore McGee

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