August 4th MSU Football Practice Pics

August 4th Mississippi State football practice pictures.

MSU strength coach Ben Pollard.

QBs Chris Relf and Josh Riddell.

Walk-on QB Zack Harrington.

QB Michael Henig.

Gunner Alex Carpenter being defended by Jasper O'Quinn.

Derek Pegues about to catch a punt.

Snapper Aaron Feld.

Holding on to the ball.

Going through a drill.

WR Co-Eric Riley going through a drill.

WR Brandon McRae.

Walk-on WR Andrew Ellard.

WR Alex Carpenter.

WRs Co-Eric Riley and Brandon McRae.

WR Aubrey Bell.

WR Lance Long.

CB Keon Humphries during a drill.

Cornerback coach Melvin Smith talking to his cornerbacks.

WR Brandon McRae and CB Marcus Washington fighting for position.

WR Lance Long and CB Keon Humphries fight for position.

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