MSU Cornerback Update

Mississippi State cornerback Melvin Smith provides his insight about the MSU cornerbacks.

If you played LSU tomorrow who would start?
"Anthony Johnson and Marcus Washington. They were ahead of the others and they are still ahead. They know the defense and understand what we are trying to get done. They just need to play in games. It's a work in progress because they are young."

Who looks like they will be backing them up?
"Right now, Jasper O'Quinn has had a good fall. Tay Bowser has had a good fall camp. I like the progress that Keon Humphries has made. He looks like a cornerback right now. And Chris Nance was slowed, but he's doing good right now. I feel like we have six guys."

What have you liked about Jasper O'Quinn?
"He's aggressive and he's a good cornerback."

You talk to Tay a lot. You seem to have high expectations for him.
"He's talented and he's playing with a lot more confidence now."

Who has been the biggest surprise that you've seen in the pre-season practices?
"Everything has been pretty much like I thought it would. I've seen our guys in practice a lot. Now, I have to see them in a game."

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