Jeremy Palmoore Receives a High Honor

[Premium article] Hamilton High School (Memphis) offensive lineman Jeremy Palmoore is considered one of the better linemen in the state of Tennessee this season. Gene's Page correspondent Brent Bozeman caught up with Jeremy last week. Jeremy had some very exciting all-star game news to tell Brent.

Jeremy, Gene's Page readers would like to know some more about you. Why don't you tell us about yourself. Like your height, weight, etc.
"I'm 6-6, but I haven't weighed in a while, but I'm somewhere between 310 and 325. I play offense and defense. I play offensive and defensive tackle but in college I hope to play offensive tackle."

So that's your favorite position?
"Yes sir."

What's your strength as a offensive tackle?
"Pass blocking. I feel that I'm one of the best pass blockers in the country. The quarterback does not get touched. That's my motto."

Have you given up a sack?
"No sir."

Even last year?
"I only played one game last year because I broke my arm in the first game of the year."

I see. Well Jeremy, who is recruiting you?
"Everybody. Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Memphis, Georgia, Auburn, Oklahoma State, LSU, Duke, Kentucky.....a lot of them."

Who has been calling you?
"I have gotten some calls. I have not gotten a call from the coach at Mississippi State yet. I know about coach (John) Hendrick and coach (Terry) Lewis because they recruited Roosevelt Tate last year and I went to school with him."

How is Roosevelt doing? He broke his leg didn't he?
"He broke his ankle."

Have you talked to him lately?
"I talked to him a few weeks ago. When they played Oregon he came home and I talked to him then. He said he loves it down there."

Well, is he walking on his ankle yet?
"Yes sir. He is walking on it. He had an ankle supporter on it but he is doing OK."

Do you have a favorite school right now?
"Not really. I'm just concentrating on the season right now. I'm thinking about it but I will put more thought into it after the season and see how recruiting goes."

I'll probably be calling you back later on in the recruiting season and see how it's going. Thanks for talking to me.
"Hey, I also heard today that I will be playing in the East/West All-American Bowl in San Antonio."

Congratulations! That's the biggest of the all-star games. That's great. Thanks for telling me.
"OK. Thank you."

Brent Bozeman is a correspondent for Gene's Page. He can be reached by email at .

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