Collins HS Defensive Lineman Corey Clark

Gene's Page recently interviewed Corey Clark (6-3, 285, 4.9) defensive lineman who plays for Collins (MS) High School. Corey, selected to The Clarion-Ledger's All-State second team as a junior and their pre-season Dandy Dozen team this year, is considered one of the top defensive linemen in the state of Mississippi and possibly the Southeast this year.<P>

How is your season going, statistically?
"I have 8 sacks and about 30 or 40 tackles (in his first 4 games)."

How does that compare to last season?
"I started out pretty slow last year, but I'm trying to do better this year."

What has been your best game so far?
"When we played Quitman."

How did you do against them?
"I think I had 17 tackles and 4 sacks."

Do you play defensive tackle or defensive end?
"Defensive tackle."

You had 17 tackles at defensive tackle?
"Yes sir."

That is outstanding. Didn't they know better than to run your way?
"They didn't because I played both side of the field. I line up on one side, but when the ball goes to the other side, I'm already there."

I guess we can say that one of your strengths is your speed?
"Yes sir."

I know college coaches started calling September 1st. What colleges have called you?
"Tennessee, Ole Miss, Auburn, USM, Mississippi State, LSU, Alabama and a couple of more."

Are you receiving calls from the coaches about once a week?
"Yes sir, they are calling me once a week. Sometimes they catch me Monday morning before I go to school."

Who called you Monday morning?
"Ole Miss called me Monday morning. I was just getting up. I remember getting up and washing my face and my sister said somebody wanted to talk to me on the phone. When I came to the phone I thought it was one of my friends. Then I heard the coach and I had to wake up so that I could hear what he had to say."

What coaches have stood out over the others?
"......Really, not one over the others."

It sounds like they are pretty much even. What coaches are recruiting you for each school?
"I know Coach Caldwell is recruiting me for Tennessee. Coach Hendrick from Mississippi State. Coach Dunn from Auburn. And Coach Rodrigue from USM."

What schools have offered you scholarships so far?
"On the phone a lot of them have said they are going to offer me, but I have received a letter from LSU and Mississippi State (with an offer)."

What schools are you most interested in right now?
"Tennessee, LSU, USM, Ole Miss, Auburn, Mississippi is hard to decide."

Basically, it sounds like you are still interested in the ones that are showing the most interest in you.
"Yes sir."

Although I did ask Corey about his academics, I normally don't post them, but I will say he is a very, very good student based on how he is doing this year and how he did last year.-Gene

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