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Romero Osby enters the 2007-08 season as the player to beat for Mississippi's Mr. Basketball. The talented forward made his college decision a few months back, so he can now focus strictly on his senior year.

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Romero reports that he is happy to be back in school and back to a normal routine after a summer filled with travel. The talented forward recently underwent a procedure to clear up a nagging ailment.

"It feels pretty good," said Osby. "Everything is going pretty well. I haven't been to school these past two days because I had surgery on my shoulder."

Apparently the discomfort was an issue throughout the summer cicruit.

"It was something that affected me all summer," explained Romero. "It affected me getting rebounds and it was hard for for me to reach out in the passing lanes. I probably should have got it taken care of in April, but I tried to play the whole summer. Last year I broke my wrist, so I didn't get to play all summer. That was something that was in the back of my mind. I didn't want to miss the summer again, so I pushed through it."

Osby expects to be back on the court in just a few weeks.

"They told me I needed to get surgery, so I went ahead and had it done," said Romero. "I had surgery on Friday. I am only going to be out a month. I will be back October 1st. There aren't going to be any long term problems. They just needed to shave the bone a little bit. I feel okay now."

With the discomfort now a thing of the past, Romero is preparing for his senior season.

"I think we are going to be good," said Osby. "I have a lot of goals for myself that I need to achieve to help us win. We have a lot of support. I have tried to be a vocal leader the past two years, but that is going to come in to play even more this season because everyone is going to be younger than me."

Next year Romero will be at the younger end of the college scale. He recently took a trip to his future college home in Starkville.

"I like going up there and seeing the guys," said Osby. "I wanted to go up there before I had my surgery. I am up there so much, I am getting used to campus now."

While in Starkville, Osby got to meet the latest two Bulldogs to join the ranks of the maroon and white.

"I got to meet Elgin (Bailey) and Kodi (Augustus)," said Romero. "I think Kodi and Elgin are both going to be real threats in the SEC as freshmen. Kodi can really shoot for a big guy and Elgin is real big. It's going to work out good when me and Scotty (Hopson) get there."

The dynamic duo of Hopson and Osby struck up a friendship last summer and the two have become very close.

"We talk just about every other day," said Romero. "We talk about everything and not just about basketball. We are really close. We played against each other a couple of times this summer. We met last summer at the Elite camp and I broke my wrist on the last day of the camp. He and started talking after that."

Hopson's friendship with Romero worked in the Bulldogs' favor. The chance to play together was another positive for Mississippi State.

"After he committed it kind of took me a while, but I finally came around and realized that there's where I needed to be with him," explained Osby. "We have become such good friends. He had been working on me to commit and I am glad he did. We are going to be roommates when we get to State."

The current signing class expects to come in and make an impact on the Bulldog roster, but the talented Osby understands there will be an adjustment period.

"I think we are going to be really talented," said Romero. "I think we are going to be good, but it's tough because it is the SEC and we are going to be freshmen. If we work hard we can do it. I am going to really push Scotty and Dee Bost to work with me everyday, so we can achieve the ultimate goal and get to a final four to win a championship."

Osby and Hopson will not have to wait to get to Starkville to begin building a relationship with their future point guard, Dee Bost.

"I talk to Dee just as much as I talk to Scotty," said Romero. "Sometimes me and Scotty get him in on three way and all of us talk. I have seen him play one time, but I was only half way looking because I was getting ready to play a game myself. Based on what I saw and what Coach Kirby has told me, he is going to be a great addition to me and Scotty for our class."

Prior to his college decision, Romero was constantly in the headlines thanks to the high level of media interest in his college recruitment. Now that a commitment has been made, the Northeast Lauderdale star has been able to get a little peace and quiet.

"I haven't had any other contact with any other colleges since I committed," said Osby. "Everything is a lot more relaxed now that I decided to go to Mississippi State. My family loves it. My dad is a graduate of Mississippi State and my gradmother is an alumnus of Mississippi State. Everybody loves it."

Romero plans to put pen to paper and make his decision to be a Bulldog a written covenant as soon as he can.

"I believe we sign on November 14th," said Osby. "I will be signing on the first day. I think all three of us are signing then. I don't think anybody is going to wait."

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