Titus Brown Talks About Tulane and MSU

Mississippi State defensive end Titus Brown talks about the Tulane football team as well as providing thoughts about the MSU defense.

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What do you remember about Tulane from last season?
"They are a good football team. They are not intimidated by any school, SEC or whatever. I think they will come out and play with a little more intensity than they did last year because they have a new coaching staff and have something to prove to their new coaches. I expect a good, physical game."

How important is this game to the team and for the overall MSU football program?
"It is important for the fanbase so you can get them back behind you and make them believe in you again.

"The first game was a tough game, but it's in the past. You have to take good things from it and build off of them. We found out that a lot of guys can play, especially the junior college transfers. We have a good defense and the offensive line blocked well. We just didn't have those spots where we made the big plays."

Last year it seemed like the MSU football team was shellshocked when they played Tulane due to the two early losses. What's the mentality of the team this year going into the game, especially after losing so big to LSU?
"The attitude of the team this year is we aren't going to allow LSU to beat us twice. We aren't going to stay down after the loss like last year. The other game is out of the way. We just have to move on and press forward to Tulane."

What was the mood at practice Monday afternoon?
"We had a good practice. It was very fast and upbeat. Like I said, the guys don't remember that game any longer. Last year, people were mourning over losses. This year, it's over with, it's done. And we'll do that same thing after our wins. You win, you celebrate, it's over with and you move to the next game."

What did you see in the LSU game that leads you to believe that this MSU defense has a chance to be really good?
"We built our defense around speed. Coach Croom made a lot of moves. He moved me to defensive end. And he moved (Derek) Pegues to safety. It's built around speed. And when you have guys flying to the ball it's tough for an offense to move the ball."

There appears to be a lot of talent on this year's defense. It's not just a Titus Brown defensive team this year.
"No sir, it's the Mississippi State football team. There are no superstars on this team. And we have a lot of depth on this team. When we play together good things are going to happen to us."

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