MSU Players Talk Gardner-Webb and MSU

A couple of MSU players talk about what the Gardner-Webb game means to them and to the MSU program.

Gabriel O'Neal

What have you guys done Monday and Tuesday as far as practice is concerned?
"Yesterday was a day of correcting the mistakes you made in the previous game. If you have time you watch a little film. Today, is really when you start breaking down everything and preparing for this week."

As football players, how do you make sure you take a team like this seriously. Upsets happen. Remember the Maine game that MSU lost?
"Like you said the Maine situation. We didn't take them seriously and they beat us. And there have been a lot of upsets this year such as Appalachian State and a lot of other teams like that. Teams like that are getting better so you can't take anybody for granted."

What do seniors like you do to make sure the younger guys take a team like Gardner-Webb seriously?
"We have to make sure everybody stays focus. You do just like you did last week, you start over."

Do you have to be a little more serious than maybe the other guys because you are a senior and the other players look up to guys like you?
"Yeah, I've been there. I know what its like. I've been through the Maine loss. You watch over the young guys and tell them you have to take this team seriously."

Isn't this program at the point where losing a game to a Gardner-Webb could destroy all that you have achieved up to this point?
"It would destroy everything. You would be taking a step back. If you lose, then everybody would forget what you've accomplished so far this season. So, we have to stay focused and keep moving forward."

Jamar Chaney

What does the last two games do for the Coach Croom football program?
"It means a lot to finally see us start winning, especially with Coach Croom. This year we are finally getting our confidence up as a team. The coaches have had confidence in us, but the players weren't confident in themselves. But after two straight wins, our confidence level is high. We are going to go out and practice hard everyday and continue to get better. That's the main thing."

This team seems to have a different attitude than in year's past.
"That is the main thing, we expect to make plays. In the past we hoped to make plays. But when you expect it, you make them."

I describe this team as very physical and very hard-hitting. Is that what you are seeing in this team as well?
"Yeah, that's basically what we are. We are a great running team and a good defensive team. We run with Anthony Dixon who is 240 pounds. And our defense is going to run to the ball. You are never going to get hit by one person, but three, four or five are going to hit you at the same time."

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