Chris Garrett Commits to MSU

One of the top junior quarterbacks in the nation, Tupelo High School quarterback Chris Garrett (6-4, 230) has made his commitment and the lucky winner is none other than Mississippi State.

Although the Mississippi State coaches didn't win the game Saturday versus Tennessee, they may have still thought Christmas came early thanks to what may be one of the biggest football commitments in many years - the verbal commitment of Tupelo High School junior quarterback Chris Garrett.

Garrett, one of's top 100 juniors in the nation, gave MSU head football coach Sylvester Croom the good news prior to the Tennessee game.

"I committed to Coach Croom before the game," said Garrett. "It was just me and him in the coaches' locker room.

"I've been thinking about it for two to three weeks. I have always been a State fan, and I just decided that is where I wanted to be. I wasn't going to waste anymore time since I knew that was where I wanted to be, so I went ahead and did it."

Both Garrett and Croom were very excited about the news.

"I wasn't really nervous, but I was real excited. And when I told him I was going to commit he gave me three hugs. He was sort of shocked at first because I just told him out of nowhere. We were just talking about different stuff and he said, 'you know who we want at quarterback here.' Then, I said, 'you can count me in.' "

And with his commitment now in the books, Garrett will do his part to help the coaches bring in some of the best players in next year's class.

"Now, I'm going to try to get the best players in the state to come to State," said Garrett, who, despite being a junior, has three scholarship offers - Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Colorado. "I am going to start trying to help build this class into a real good one."

And Garrett is not just another player. When he speaks don't be surprised if the other players definitely pay attention. College coaches have, that's for sure.

"I just got home from the (MSU-Tennessee) game and I have letters that I haven't opened yet from LSU, South Carolina, Tennessee, Auburn, USC, West Virginia, Florida, Connecticut, Wake Forest, Rutgers, Kansas State, Alabama and a bunch more," said Garrett.

And several of those colleges, including some of the top programs in the nation are putting forth a huge effort - at least were - to land this outstanding young prospect.

"I've got three or four letters from LSU and three or four from Tennessee," said Garrett. "Others that are recruiting me heavily are Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss. And USC has been sending stuff every day. Nebraska has been sending me a lot of stuff and has been wanting me to come to their games."

Garrett has most of the attributes college coaches are looking for in today's quarterback.

"The coaches like my size, arm strength, accuracy and knowledge of the game," said Garrett.

And we aren't just talking about your every day coaches either that have said those things to him.

"I've talked to Coach Saban of Alabama (at their camp this summer)," said Garrett, who attended numerous college camps this past summer. "(I've talked to) Coach Fulmer, Coach Matt Luke and Coach Cutcliffe of Tennessee. (And) Dan Warner, Coach Freeze and Coach Orgeron from Ole Miss. From Mississippi State, I've talked to Coach McCorvey, Coach Grimes and Coach Croom."

But only one of those coaches was lucky enough to hear the magic words of a commitment - Mississippi State's Sylvester Croom.

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