MSU Players Talk About Their Victory

MSU players - Demario Bobo, Wes Carroll, Royce Blackledge and Blake McAdams - talked about their 31-14 victory over the 14th ranked Kentucky Wildcats.

Demario Bobo

What has the victory been like since the clock went to 0 seconds?
"Man, it feels good. To lose like we did last week and then to come back this week and show everybody that we were still focused and confident and that we can compete with any team in this conference. We just work hard every week. We knew what we could do. We do what the coaches asked us to do and we knew we were going to win."

Is it good to have an off-week this coming week?
"Oh yeah, oh yeah. It couldn't have come at a better time."

What do you think about the young freshman quarterback, Wes Carroll, come in and do what he has done?
"He is a young leader on offense. It doesn't matter whether you are a freshman or a senior as long as you can play the game."

What do you think Wes will be like when he's a man and no longer a freshman?
"To me, right now, he is a man. Age doesn't matter in this game."

Wesley Carroll

What does it feel like to get back home and see the fans here ringing their cowbells, yelling Maroon and White and cheering you guys as you got off the buses?
"To see these people meeting us on our bus as we got back to Mississippi State it just goes to show the impact we are making on this community and on this university. This environment is awesome. Today was a big win and it showed that we are capable of not only playing with the ranked teams, but we are capable of beating some of the best teams in the SEC. It is only going to get better from here on out."

Despite you being a freshman, it seems like the offensive staff opened the playbook today. When did it come about?
"It all comes from practice. If we look good in practice and can execute well there, then we know we are going to run it in the game. We had a real good gameplan going in. It was just something that they couldn't stop no matter what."

But you guys seemed to do everything offensively.
"It was just a matter of execution and the versatility that we have. Just look at the number of players who have caught passes in the last couple of games. It is phenomenal how many people are getting the ball and able to make plays. It's not just put on one person - one receiver or one running back. And we have a lot of linemen rotating in and out and giving each other breaks. You can't ask for more than that. The depth is just amazing. People don't realize how big it is when you sub out linemen in the middle of a series. You have fresh guys go in who can just pound them."

Talk about the play of the defense today. They really stepped it up in the last three quarters.
"It was a great effort all around. This was the first time that we truly played as a team. We played as a team on offense, defense and special teams. If we play this way the last three games there is no doubt in my mind that we will win all three."

Royce Blackledge

What does this victory mean to you as a fifth-year senior?
"It means a lot to me. It's a good feeling when you get to the point where you can go on the road and beat an SEC team like Auburn or Kentucky. They were both good football teams, but we know what we can do when we put four quarters together. And we did that. We have three ballgames left on our schedule and I feel like all three teams are beatable. If we come out and play four quarters of football we will win."

Were you surprised at all how well your team played today?
"Not at all. We had a good week of practice and I just believed all year when we put four good quarters of football together I don't think we can be beat."

Blake McAdams

Did you feel like you were in a zone today with your punting?
"I was except for one bad one. I think I have about one a game. I've got to get that to none a game. But, yeah, I had a good day. I think it might have been one of the first times when our team as a whole had as complete a game as I have seen since I've been here."

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