Robert Elliott and Ethan Stockett Updates

True freshman running back Robert Elliott and fullback Ethan Stockett, both of whom are expected to play big roles on the team during their Mississippi State careers, give their thoughts about redshirting this season.

Robert Elliott

What are your thoughts about redshirting?
"Well, at first I didn't understand what it really meant. But it's kind of good for me because I am going to put on weight. I came in kind of light, 190 pounds. I want to put on about 10 pounds of muscle and get all my plays down pat. I'm also learning how to pass-block. So, next year, when I get out there there won't be any mistakes because I've been through everything during my redshirt year."

You were used to being the star running back in high school. Was it a little tough on you to accept a redshirt year partly due to that?
"Yes sir, it was hard trying to adjust to redshirting. But I just prayed about it."

When did you finally adjust to it?
"It was probably about the fourth game of the season."

What has been the biggest adjustment to college ball?
"The biggest adjustment was pass-blocking. That was the hardest thing."

What does your position coach, Rockey Felker, want you to work on during your redshirt year?
"Get bigger, faster, stronger, learn the plays, learn the defenses. Learn the blitz packages, like how when they drop the safety back the other safety is going to come. I should automatically know that. I didn't have to deal with that at all in high school."

Ethan Stockett

Did you know before the season that you would redshirt?
"They said I had a chance to play, but I didn't get the offense down because it's a lot more diverse than mine at Fort Smith. That pretty much decided it."

Any moments that have been special to you so far this season?
"When I dressed out for the Tennessee game - I'm from Arkansas, there aren't a lot of people there (smile on his face) - there were 60,000 people screaming. It was breath taking."

Even though you are redshirting you still got a chance to dress out. How do you think that will help you next year?
"I won't be as nervous because I will know what to expect noise-wise and know what the pressure is like. Even though I knew I wasn't going to play a snap - I didn't even have my ankle braces - I still was nervous and felt the pressure."

What are you trying to achieve during your redshirt season?
"I'm trying to get stronger and faster."

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