Alabama - MSU Game Pics

Alabama - Mississippi State football game pictures.

Former MSU head coach Emory Bellard.

Tony Burks makes a first down.

Tim Bailey tackles John Parker Wilson for no gain.

Anthony Dixon running with the football.

MSU gang-tackling.

Anthony Johnson heading for the end zone for his 100-yard interception return.

Johnson a few yards away from paydirt.

Happy Bulldogs in the end zone.

Derek Pegues with another interception.

Eric Hoskins goes for 10 yards on a pass reception.

More MSU gang-tackling.

Dominic Douglas makes a tackle for a loss.

Douglas and Jamon Hughes make a tackle.

Assistant coach Reed Stringer and Coach Croom near the end of the ballgame.

A beat Bama sign.

The post-game celebration begins.

Piling on.

Titus Brown gets a ride off the field.

The scoreboard.

Liberty Bowl rep at Coach Croom's press conference.

A happy but very tired Coach Croom talks to the media post-game.

Damein Anderson, Wesley Carroll, Titus Brown, Anthony Dixon, Anthony Johnson and Jasper O'Quinn at the Hump during halftime.

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