Foglesong Wants A.D. Nominees Next Month

Amidst the cheers following a dramatic Egg Bowl victory, and speculations of where the Bulldogs will go bowling, another subject of longer-term impact on Mississippi State sports has slipped into the background chatter. Yet about the same time the Dogs are participating in a post-season classic, the search for MSU's next athletics director should return as a topic of discussion.

MSU president Dr. Robert Foglesong told Dawgs' Bite that by the end of this year he expects to receive a list of suggested candidates to fill the A.D. position when Larry Templeton officially steps aside next summer. Templeton has held the athletics director post since 1987, and is scheduled to retire on June 30, 2008.

"I expect to have the names by the end of December," Foglesong said. "I will start interviewing sometime after the first of the year. And it will be deliberate, because most of these guys have pretty busy work schedules and so do I. Sometime in the early spring I anticipate announcing somebody."

And when Foglesong says ‘somebody' he's being candid, as up to now the University president has relied on the sizable search committee to do the searching and re-searching of possible candidates. "And I will tell you right now I have not seen the list," Foglesong said. "I'm leaving it up to the search committee to evaluate. But I'm told by the chairman that we've got some really talented people."

How many people? This, too, is unknown by Foglesong. He does say he would prefer not to have to interview too many people during the spring semester, for both his and their convenience.

"But I don't want them throwing somebody out because they think there is an artificial criteria of X-number," Foglesong added.

The search-and-selection processes have been made greatly easier thanks to some fast work by Templeton this fall. The most challenging administrative job of all, football scheduling, has been taken care of for both 2008 and 2009, and according to Templeton the slates for 2010-12 are close to completion as well. This should certainly smooth the transition process next summer according to the president.

"It's a big deal. It would have been bad to walk into late spring with an open football schedule. So I give Larry great credit for pulling all of that together, given the late notice we had on the drop we had (by Central Michigan). It does make it easier on whoever the new guy is going to be. Or gal, I don't know!"

Foglesong hopes to be able to settle on his final choice of guy or gal by mid-spring semester and present the name to the IHL board for approval. The new athletics director would be on the job at the start of the new fiscal year, July 1.

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