MSU's Version of TV's Grizzly Adams

While attending school at Magnolia Heights School in Senatobia, Mississippi, Mississippi State true freshman offensive lineman Addison Lawrence wasn't allowed to grow a beard. Once he got to MSU he decided it was time to grow one.

"I could never have one in high school and everyone says I have a baby face so I decided to grow one," said Lawrence.

There are no more baby face comments. In fact, it's just the opposite now when folks see him for the first time.

"South Carolina had someone say something about me being (the movie and television mountain man character) Grizzly Adams. That's ok. He's not a bad-looking guy," Lawrence said with a chuckle.

While growing the beard, Lawrence has been learning the ins and outs of college football during his redshirt freshman season.

"I'm excited about the redshirt year," commented Addison Lawrence. "I came in at a new position that I hadn't played in high school. It was a big jump for me, but, as the season went on, I picked up things. And I'm looking forward to the future."

The redshirt season has also allowed him to learn more about the offensive line, something he didn't play in high school.

"The toughest adjustment has been learning the position in detail," said Lawrence. "In high school, we never kicked slide, nor did we have to get into a lefthanded stance. Most people don't even think about switching stances, but that was a big switch to me."

In addition to learning a new position, he's also been working hard to add muscle to his frame.

"I came in at about the same as I am now, 6-4, 265," noted Lawrence. "I've pretty much tried to do the workouts that (MSU strength) Coach (Ben) Pollard has put us on to gain more strength."

While it has been an exciting year for the youngster learning all the new things involved with college ball, ending it with an appearance in the Liberty Bowl is like icing on the cake.

"It was great to go to a bowl my first year here," said Lawrence. "It really reaffirmed my choice in my school. I'm really happy to be here and show all the people that I made a good choice and came in with a good class."

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