Walters Talks About His Visit to MSU

Briarwood Christian High School linebacker Bo Walters talks about his official visit to Mississippi State.

Talk about your visit to State.
Bo Walters - "It was fun hanging out with some of the guys that I hadn't gotten to meet before. My host was Zach Smith. We've been friends for a while. Just getting to hang out with him was good."

Who were some of the players that you got to meet?
"We've met so many. I knew D.J. Looney and hung out with him a little bit. I also met Aubrey Bell, the wide receiver. I got to meet Co-Eric Riley and hang out with him. I also got to hang out with a couple of the baseball players."

Was it fun hanging out with a lot of guys that you will be coming in with next year?
"Yeah, it really was, especially because a lot of us already knew each other from the Mississippi-Alabama all-star game. It was a blast getting to know them and hang around with them."

Did you get to meet your position coach? If so, what did you think about him?
"I did, Coach (Louis) Campbell. I love him. He kind of reminds me sort of like a grandfather figure. He's real calm and you can tell he's very knowledgeable. I didn't get to talk much football with him, but he just seems like he's a people-person. He's got a good sense of humor. He also sat down with my family and talked to them a lot. My dad and mom, along with my little sister, got to know him pretty good."

What are your thoughts about your recruiting coach, Charlie Harbison, being moved up to defensive coordinator?
"I don't think Coach Croom could have gotten anybody more deserving than Coach Cheese. I guarantee you the job he did with the secondary last year is going to carry over to the whole defense. And Coach Croom is going to be happy about that."

Did he talk to you about how they will use you?
"I talked to Coach Croom this morning. They said they were going to play me at inside backer and at the will backer. They told me to be ready to play on special teams next year. They said next year Chaney and Douglas would be leaving. They said they would like to redshirt me, but they don't think they will be able to do that, so I had better be ready to play next year."

Was there something that really stood out during the visit?
"Coach Croom read an article during his speech last night. It was talking about how Mississippi State wins by winning in the classroom and by winning with character. It was really emotional. He first started off by telling the parents that he was going to be a second father to us when we come down there. Then, he started reading the article. It was a great article. He kind of summed it up by saying that if you aren't going to act right and do right, then you don't need to be here. I told my mom and dad that if I wasn't already committed, I would have stood up right then and committed right in front of everybody."

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