Robinson Talks About His Visit to MSU

Vicksburg (MS) High School Delmon Robinson talks about his official visit to Mississippi State.

What were your impressions about Mississippi State?
"It was a great experience. And I learned a lot of things about the players and coaches."

What were some things you learned?
"From the players point of view, I like how the players are all together most of the time. They are very close - everybody was for each other. Nobody put anybody else down. It was all fun and games. Everybody was cool.

"From the coaches point of view, it was like this is what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. If you don't like it, you don't like it. They were straight-forward. I think that is great and how you should run your program."

What was it like being around so many of the guys that you will be playing with for four years?
"Man, I love those guys already. Everybody is so compatible. Everybody is so good. And most of us are from Mississippi, so we have played against each other."

Did they tell you where they want to play you when you get to State?
"They want me to play receiver, punt and kick returner and a little bit of corner. They told me they want me to gain up to about 200 pounds. I'm down to 180 right now due to basketball."

It sounds like you are going to have to be Superman next year?
"I'll try (laugh)."

What are your thoughts about playing so many positions?
"I'll go on the field and do my thing (laugh)."

Are they going to key on any one of those over the others?
"Coach Croom mostly wants me to play receiver because he really needs some receivers. I'm going to listen to what the big man says."

You mentioned Coach Croom. What do you think about him?
"He is a real good guy. He cares about you like a father. He really is down-to-earth. And you can talk to him about anything."

What did this do as far as your commitment to Mississippi State?
"It put some muscle behind it."

Who has offered you now?
"Mississippi State, Michigan, Southern Miss and Auburn and the others that you guys already list (Marshall, Louisiana Tech and Alcorn State). Michigan offered about a week ago."

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