Gainous Talks About His Visit to MSU

Lincoln High School (Tallahassee, FL) Kirkland Gainous talks about his official visit to Mississippi State.

What are your impressions of your Mississippi State visit?
"I really had a nice time. It was better than I thought it would be. We did a lot of things. I also saw how the program was coming up."

What do you think about the players and coaches now that you have met them?
"I feel comfortable with both the players and coaches because they showed me a lot of love. They made me feel like it was home."

Was there any one thing that really stood out over all the others?
"No, everything was good to me."

Did you get to meet your position coach? If so, what are your thoughts about him?
"Yes sir, David Turner. He a real cool guy and a good coach. I can't wait to get down to Mississippi State and be coached by him."

What are your thoughts about Coach Croom?
"He's a real good guy. He explains everything about his coaching strategy - how he goes from one small thing to a big thing."

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