Bailey Talks About His MSU Visit

Bartram Trail (Jacksonville, FL) High School wide receiver Charles Bailey talks about his official visit to Mississippi State.

What did you think about your visit to Mississippi State?
Charles Bailey - "It was great. I actually got a first-hand view of everything. I got to tour the campus and got to talk to my academic advisor. I want to go into either Business or Sports Management. I also got to see the Business School. And it was beautiful. I also got to see the Union. It was great. They just opened it up. The dorms were very nice. I've been in dorms before and they were small hallways and small dorm rooms. When I walked into Building 3, Hurst Hall and Ruby Hall I was blown away. And the rooms were great. I'm excited about getting there."

What did you think about the coaches and players?
"It was like family. They didn't really treat me like a recruit. Their players treated me just like a teammate. They joked around with me and they are very optimistic about the team. They are good guys. They laid everything down and told me the truth.

"The coaches are great, just like family to me. They talked to me truthfully. They didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I should know. That's what I love about them."

Did you get to talk to your future position coach, Coach Pat Washington?
"Yeah, I talked to him a lot. He's a very good coach, very smart and wise. He knows what he's talking about. And he jokes around a lot. I know a lot about his background and have seen what he has done with most of his college players when he was at Tennessee and what he has done here (at Mississippi State). I'm pretty excited to work with him."

What did you think about Coach Croom?
"He's like a surrogate parent to me. He's going to be like a father to me when I get up there. He's a very wise person - a very traditional soul. He told me the main thing is I'm going to get my degree. It's going to be football and getting my degree. I loved hearing that. He's going to turn me into a man. And that's what I want."

Who was your player-host? And what did you think about him?
"Brandon Henderson. He is very cool. He talked a lot about the campus life and football. He was very cool, very laid back. He's a model person to me and I'm going to look up to him when I get there."

How does the visit affect your commitment to Mississippi State?
"I wish they had the papers there because I would have signed right then (laugh)."

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