Jones Talks About His Visit to MSU

DeSoto Central (Southaven, MS) High School defensive end Devin Jones talks about his official visit to Mississippi State.

What did you think about your visit to Mississippi State?
Devin Jones - "It was great. We had so much fun. I went down there and hung out with the coaches and with most of the recruits like Andre Wadley, Templeton Hardy and Trevor Stigers. I also hung out with some players like K.J. Wright who was my host. I got a chance to meet some of the players like Wesley Carroll, Derek Pegues, Titus Brown."

What are your thoughts about their players?
"They are a great group of people. K.J. and the rest of the players took care of me. They showed me around the dorms. They are great. It was a blast."

What were your impressions of the coaches?
"Coach (David) Turner was awesome. He is a good man. And he made me laugh a lot. Coach Croom came up there and said some great words. He's just an amazing man, a good man. I love him. It will be a privilege to play for him next year. "

What position do they want you to play when you get there?
"When we talked to them about the best position for me, he said playing defensive end. But if I get any bigger, they will consider moving me inside to defensive tackle."

How big are you now?
"When I got up there I was 258. They measured me at 6-2.5. I was surprised. When I got on the scale I couldn't believe I was 258, but they fed me well (laugh)."

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