Offensive Lineman Brent Fluker Recruiting Update

[Premium Article] Gene's Page recently caught up with J.Z. George High School (Carrollton, MS) offensive/defensive lineman Brent Fluker. Brent is 6-6, 315, runs the forty in 5.2, benches 330 pounds, squats 500 and is a very good student who has already made a qualifying ACT score. He made first-team All-Commonwealth on offense and second-team on defense as a junior.

What is your height and weight?
"I am 6-6 and 315."

How is your high school season going so far?
"I think I have played pretty well, but as a team we are not doing so good."

What positions are you playing? We have you listed as an offensive tackle?
"Offensive tackle, defensive tackle, long snapper and I'm on the kickoff return and on punt block teams."

Do you happen to know what your stats are this season?
"No, not right now. We really don't do anything with offensive line stats."

What schools are you receiving recruiting attention from?
"Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern (Miss.), Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Auburn. I think that is it."

What schools have you camped at during the past two summers?
"Mississippi State and Southern (Miss.)."

I know that college coaches can call right now. What coaches are calling you?
"The offensive line coach from MSU and the line coach from Ole Miss."

Who would you say you are leaning to right now?
"Mississippi State I would say. Mississippi State and Ole Miss."

Thanks for talking to me, Brent.

Grant Alford is a free-lance correspondent for Gene's Page. He is a student at Mississippi State University. You can contact him by email at

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