Linebacker Justin Bursi Recruiting Update

Gene's Page recently caught up with Southaven (MS) High School linebacker Justin Bursi. Justin is a 6-3, 238-pound middle linebacker who has help lead Southaven to a top 10 ranking and a 7-2 record. Gene's Page's Grant Alford talked to Justin about how recruiting is going.

What is your height and weight?
"6-3, 238 pounds."

What is your forty speed?

I got to watch you play against Starkville. What were your stats for that game?
"I think it was eight tackles and an interception."

Do you happen to know your stats for the year?
"I think I have a little over 70 tackles, three sacks, an interception and two safeties."

That is in eight games, right?
"Yes sir."

What schools are sending you recruiting information so far?
"Memphis, MSU, Marshall, Rice, LSU, Ole Miss and Arkansas."

What coaches have called you so far?
"I have talked to Memphis. A couple of times coaches from MSU and Ole Miss have called, but I have not been home."

Right now, if you had to list a top three or four, who would that be?
"Right now, Memphis, MSU, Ole Miss and Marshall."

Memphis and MSU were the first two you mentioned. What is it about those two schools that you like?
"I like Memphis because they are losing their middle linebacker this year and I might have a chance to start. And they have always had a good defense. I like MSU's defense because they have always had a good defense and I like Joe Lee Dunn and the way he runs the defense."

I know that you play middle linebacker right now. Are there any other positions that you play?
"I have played fullback and tight end."

Thank you, Justin.
"Yes sir. Thank you."

Grant Alford is a free-lance correspondent for Gene's Page. He is a student at Mississippi State University. You can contact him by email at

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