Tobias Smith Thinking It Over

Columbus (MS) High School OL/DL Tobias Smith (6-4, 315) came away from his official visit to Southern Miss still committed to Mississippi State, but also a little, maybe a lot, confused.

"I'm still committed to Mississippi State," said Tobias Smith. "It would have taken a perfect fit to change my commitment to Mississippi State and Southern was a good fit, not a perfect fit."

But ....

"I like Southern a lot," said Smith, "and my parents like Southern a lot. They think that Southern needs me more than State because they have always wanted me."

Tobias shared his thoughts about the reasons he likes each school.

Southern Miss ....

"I like how small it is and how tight knit they are," said Smith, "and I like the coaches, the administrators and the staff, but I also like the coaches at Mississippi State."

Mississippi State ....

"Coach Croom, I've been following him since he first got there," said Smith. "They are a program on the rise in the SEC and play big schools in a big conference. And I love Mississippi State a lot. It's where I want to play."

But he also loves his family and, according to Tobias, they feel Southern is the school for him due to that want factor.

So what will he do when signing day rolls around this coming Wednesday?

"I really don't know," he said. "It's a real hard situation."

Stayed tuned ....

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