[Premium Article] Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill talked to the media Monday morning."> [Premium Article] Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill talked to the media Monday morning.">

Jackie Sherrill Monday Morning Press Conference

<img src="http://www.genespage.com/images/coaches/football/sherrill.jpg" align="left" width="121" height="160"> [Premium Article] Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill talked to the media Monday morning.

Last week's practice schedule and this week's early practice schedule
"Last week, we worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and let the players off for the weekend. Our problem (Monday) is finding a (dry) practice field. We will probably be inside (Monday) and (Tuesday). Hopefully, we can get on the practice field because we really need to spend some time on pass defense and we can't do that inside on a forty yard field."

"They are a good football team. There is a lot about their football team other than just throwing and catching. They have an excellent runner and they are doing a very good job running plays that makes you work very hard to stop. That has probably made them a better football team. Their kicking game is excellent. And, defensively, they have been playing very, very well."

Kentucky quarterback Jared Lorenzen
"I would say 90% of his plays are not scripted. He will either throw it when he scrambles or throw it when he is going down. There have been times when he switches the ball and throws it right-handed. You can have three or four people get their hands on him at the same time and still not sack him. (He) is amazing.

"He kind of reminds me of Jim McMahon because of his toughness and not being able to get him flustered. Even if he throws an interception, that doesn't bother him. Sometimes you may even see him running down the field trying to block for people."

Jack Cristil
"You have to give somebody credit for being at any job for fifty years. Especially in athletics where you have so many people that change, for him to stay there and appease all the different personalities is really something.

"He is in the same mold as (sports tv and radio personality) Chris Schenkel as far as reaching a point in his life and the accomplishments that he has (achieved). To be in the Hall of Fame is a big feat. Everybody who has ever listened to Mississippi State knows Jack Cristil. When you listen to somebody on the radio for (fifty years) you know them."

Kevin Fant update
"Kevin is doing fine." (He is expected to start)

Injured players
"They are all back on the field. I am anxious to keep them healthy somehow."

Offensive linemen Richard Burch and Blake Jones injury status
"Burch should be able to go full speed in practice. As soon as we find a way to protect Jones' hand, he should be able to go full speed. He did not break his hand but burst a blood vessel."

Working on fundamentals this past week
"The big thing was to get back to doing some technique work with the offensive line. There are three areas that need a lot of technique work. That is the offensive line, defensive backs and defensive line. But your offensive line is the first place that needs a lot of footwork and technique. You need technique work everyday, but during the season, when you are trying to get ready to play and put your gameplan together, sometimes the time for technique work is not there. Sometimes you have to do things after practice. We have started doing some individual work before practice and doing some things after practice with the kicking game that allows us to catch up on things that we are not doing during practice time."

Running back update
"Dontae Walker is healed. (With Turner suspended) that puts us back to three running backs, Dontae Walker, Fred Reid and Jerious Norwood. And depending on what formation we run, (Justin) Griffith."

How long will Nick Turner be suspended
"There are so many things involved in it right now that are not in our control. We have to wait and see what happens. He is in school but he is not playing and won't play. He is practicing but is on the scout team."

Handling his players when a situation arises such as the Nick Turner incident
"I don't go out in public and discuss what I do with the players. That is not my MO. I don't (try to) make myself look good (by talking about what I do with) a player. That is wrong. These kids are 17, 18 and 19 years old. I don't know how smart we are at that age. For anybody to use a player to make himself look good in public is wrong."

The remaining schedule
"It poses a challenge every year. But we aren't any different than anybody else. Almost anybody in this conference has the same challenge. About the only one whose schedule may get easier at the end of the year is probably Tennessee. Tennessee has played Florida, Georgia and Alabama."

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