Freshman Marcus Green Happy He Redshirted

Redshirting is almost always the hardest thing for a true freshman to deal with, especially when you are a star high school player like Marcus Green was. But Marcus now understands the benefit of redshirting.

"(Redshirting) was hard at first to sit out a year because you didn't really know why," said Marcus. "But, as the year goes by, you realize why you did and you learn to appreciate it instead of regretting it. I'm glad I did and I would tell anybody that they need that redshirt."

The first thing he noticed after redshirting was how much stronger he had gotten.

"When I first got here, I was only benching 250; now I bench something like 350," confirmed Marcus, who now weighs packs 235 pounds on his 6-2 frame. "On the squat I'm at 450. When I came in I was squatting something like 300."

And there's also the new terminology that a newcomer has to deal with. In Marcus' case, it was almost like having to learn a new language.

"When you first get here, it's almost like everybody is speaking Spanish to you," said Marcus.

An excellent athlete, Marcus could run with anybody his size, but he realizes college ball is more than being a great athlete.

"When I first got here, I was just fast; I wasn't very coordinated," said Marcus. "I've learned how to break down without being wild. I now know how to read defenses and I know how to catch better."

And the mental aspect of college ball is more demanding as well.

"It's not all about running, hitting and running past everybody," said Marcus. "They teach you about being disciplined. I can't stress how many times Coach Croom has talked about how to be disciplined."

Now, all Marcus has to do is go out this spring and apply everything he has learned. And he can't wait.

"This spring I want to make sure I get all the details down playing tight end," said Marcus. "There's a lot to playing tight end."

So far, tight end coach Reed Stringer likes what he's seeing from his talented freshman.

"You can tell he's still learning, but it's obvious his explosiveness is something we haven't had at the tight end position in a while," said Reed.

Considering Mississippi State just graduated three very good tight ends, that is really big praise to live up to. Now, Marcus has 15 spring practices to live up to it.

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