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Dee Bost just helped lead Hargrave to a national championship at the prep school level. The experience has been beneficial for Dee and he hopes to bring a new level of maturity with him to Starkville.

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Bost and his Hargrave Military Academy teammates finished the season with a National Prep championship and an unblemished record. The experience was an eye opener for Dee.

"Coming in, I didn't think we could accomplish all we did, especially after the first day of practice," said Bost.

Dee says the first few days of practice were very challenging. The team was comprised of players who had little to no knowledge of each other or the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

Hargrave Military Academy Head Coach Kevin Keatts is no stranger to life as a basketball coach on the prep school level. He was able to meld the raw materials into a perfect season.

"It feels really good to win a National Championship at this level," said Bost. "We had guys from all over. We all worked hard and came together. It all worked out for us."

The experience has helped Dee mature as both a person and a player. He hopes to bring his newly refined talent to Starkville for even more polish.

"I learned that I can play with anyone at any level if I work hard," said Bost. "I know I have a lot to work on too. I know I have to be better on defense and I am really going to work on creating on offense."

There are still a few months to go before Dee reports to the MSU campus to begin his tour of duty on the Humphrey Coliseum hardwood, but he already feels part of it. He is looking forward to seeing his future teammates participate in the NCAA Men's basketball tournament this weekend.

"I feel really good about everything," said Bost. "I have my mind on them winning the National Championship. If I didn't believe in them I would have gone some where else. That's the main reason I picked Mississippi State. I picked them because I believe we can win championships."

Dee is just one piece of the incoming Bulldog signing class and he hopes the three man class including Romero Osby and Scotty Hopson reports to Starkville in tact.

"It's tough to say about Scotty right now," said Bost. "I am not really sure where he's head is at right now. We still talk, but with all of us playing it's been harder to get together. If we add him it will be a great addition and we will make a good run together.

I still talk to Romero about once a week or so. I am looking forward to playing with him. He feels the same way I do about everything. We want to get to school and start getting better so we can win championships."

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